One of the possible trips during your summer holiday in the Bohemian Paradise can be boating on Jizera. From Spálov, Líšný and Malá Skála to Dolánky flows the river through a scenic valley, which offers a unique view of the geology of this region (you can see volcanic basalt rocks, dolomitic, limestone and sandstone rocks during your journey), pure nature and vernacular architecture.

You can connect your stay in the camp with trip on boat for one or more days. You can set out either from our main base Žlutá plovárna in Malá Skála (you can get there from Dolánky on a train or scooter), or from a base in Líšný or have the boats taken to Spálov and take a whole day trip from the confluence of Jizera and Kamenice to Dolánky (we recommend to go from Spálov to Líšný when there is a higher water level). The destination of your journey can be any of our bases or you can continue from Dolánky downstream to Svijany or Mnichovo Hradiště.

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