Our newly built camp is located in Dolánky u Turnova, directly below Dlask’s farm, which is an important building of this region and example of a local vernacular architecture. The area of the camp is on the right bank of Jizera, right next to the weir and therefore is accessible both by the watermen and tourists arriving by car. There are a playground, fireplace, grill and washroom in the area of the camp. The surroundings of the weir in Dolánky are ideal for recreation and natural bathing in the river. Bathing in Dolánky is suitable also for families with children, since there are sand and stone alluviums down the weir, where can children safely swim and play.

Kemp Dolánky - infocentrum Kemp Dolánky - infocentrum Stanovací plocha ve stínu stromů Badminton

Close to the camp lies Turnov, which is well-known for its gem cutting history (we recommend visiting the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise) and a unique school of applied arts and college of craft, which has been open since the late 19th century. You can come to the city either on foot (blue trail) or by car past Hrubý Rohozec, where you can visit a chateau with a beautiful English landscape garden.

Near the camp is located a well-known restaurant Ábelův Mlýn, you can also have a lunch/dinner in Guest house Křížky, which is also not far from here. What’s more, you can connect going for lunch/dinner with taking a trip on scooters or bicycles on Greenway Jizera cycle path. You can also use the services of network of rentals in Žlutá plovárna during your stay in the camp. There is an information centre directly in the camp area, where you can rent scooters and order all the services provided by Žlutá Plovárna.

Our base Žlutá plovárna in Malá Skála provides unique entertaining possibilities no matter if on water, in air or on ground, both for tourists and sportsmen. For adrenalin lovers is there the biggest rope centre in the Liberec region, if you are interested in water sports, you can rent boats (canoes, rafts, kayaks) and paddleboards. A favourite item in our rental is scooters, which are getting more and more popular among the visitors of this region.

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