Trips on the river Jizera

Sail through the picturesque river valley straight to the Campsite Dolánky

One of your trips in the area of the Bohemian Paradise can be a sailing trip on the river Jizera. The river Jizera runs through a picturesque valley from Spálov, through Líšný and Malá Skála down to Dolánky. It offers unique views on geology of this region (during the sailing you can see volcanic basaltic rocks, dolomite, limestone and sandstone rocks), pure nature and folklore architecture.

You can connect your stay at our campsite with a one-day or a multi-day sailing trip on the Jizera. As a starting point you can choose our base Žlutá Plovárna at Malá Skála (you can get there by a train or on a pushbike from Dolánky) or another station at Líšný. You can also have the boats driven up to Spálov and make a whole day trip from the junction of the rivers Jizera and Kamenice down to Dolánky. (We recommend to sail the part from Spálov to Líšný only by higher water levels). As the end goal of your trip you can choose any of our bases. You can continue further down the river stream from Dolánky up to Svijany or Mnichovo Hradiště.

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