Instructions for the accommodation 

The necessary info for the smooth course of your stay

Time of accommodation

Check-in: from 2PM

Check-out: until 11AM

Space for accommodation – anywhere on the grass area of the campsite, possible also with your car. There are several fireplaces and grill provided.  Please, do not establish new fireplaces, without previous consent of the campsite management.


Possible to order one day in advance at the reception.


It is possible to buy firewood at the reception. 10kg for 100CZK.


You will obtain a bag for your waste at the reception. Please, put your waste in the boxes and containers that are designated for that – see the map of the camp. You will find Recycled waste right next to the parking place. If one bag is not enough for you, please ask for another one. Tie a knot on the bag. Keep the campsite clean and neat. Thank you.

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Accommodation regulations

Accommodation regulations of the campsite applies to the space for tents and caravans in Dolánky by Turnov, which is operated by the company SUNDISK s.r.o.

  • Payment

The guest pays for the accommodation in advance. If you end your accommodation untimely, the accommodation provider will return your money only upon a medical report of illness

  • Accommodation

In the campsite area only a person, who properly signs up upon arrival at the reception, submits ID card or passport and pays for the accommodation can be accommodated. Each accommodated person obtains a number, that has to be visibly attached to the tent or caravan due to the daily control.

  • Parking

Those accommodated in the camp has parking free of charge. Upon your arrival you take a parking ticket, that you afterwards hand in at the reception. If you want to intermittently leave the parking place during your accommodation, you can borrow a temporary parking card for a deposit of 200CZK.

  • Returning of the deposit in the absence of staff.

If the staff of the info center is not present, we will return your deposit per post. Put a piece of paper with your address and contact info in the mailbox, together with your name and number of the card/key. It is also possible to send these data per email to

  • Breakfast

It is possible to order breakfast at the reception at least one day in advance. 

  • Sanitary facilities

Visitors of the campsite are allowed to use the locked sanitary facilities. Keys from the sanitary facilities is possible to borrow against a deposit of 200CZK. There are no other charges for use of the facilities for accommodated guests.

  • Infection

The usage of the campsite is allowed only to persons, who are not infectious and do not transmit any parasitic disease. Persons who have been ordered closer medical surveillance or quarantine are also prohibited from entering the campsite. 

  • Time for accommodation

If it wasn´ t agreed otherwise beforehand, the accommodation starts at 2PM. If the guest arrives after the opening hours of the reception, he can find a place for himself and the payment will be sorted the next day in the morning. The guest has to leave the area for tents and caravans on the day of departure latest at 11AM. If the guest does not comply with this, the provider of the accommodation is justified to charge the price for accommodation for the following day. The guest who accommodates himself before 6AM is obliged to pay for the whole nights’ accommodation.

  • Keeping order

It is required that the accommodated guests keep the campsite clean and neat. It is allowed to build tents and park vehicles only in the space designated for that. The guests are obliged to throw communal waste only in the containers at the dedicated places. Any other waste is not allowed to be disposed at the camping area. The waste has to be put in the container in a tied plastic bag. There are recycling bins by the parking place.

  • Night

There must be peace and quiet during the night hours between 10PM and 7AM. In case of a cultural event the hours for night peace change.

  • Making fire

It is allowed to make fire only at the places dedicated to it and marked by the management of the campsite. The guest is responsible for any damage of the property according to generally binding regulations.

  • Responsibility for damage

The guest is aware that the campsite is unguarded and located in a touristic location. The provider of the accommodation is not responsible for personal things, valuables, papers etc., that are stored by the guest in a tent, caravan, campervan or car. 

If the guest should damage or destroy any equipment or property owned by the campsite provider, the amount according to the actual amount of damage will be recovered from this guest.

Compliance with the Accommodation Regulations

Each guest has to read the rules of Accommodation Regulations and he/she is obliged to follow them. By paying for the accommodation, the guest declares, that he has read the Accommodation Regulations. The Accommodation regulations are binding for everyone, who are spending their time in the area of the campsite Dolánky by Turnov. A person, who breaks the rules of the Accommodation Regulations, will be expelled from the campsite area without compensation.

The Accommodation Regulations are valid for the year 2022.

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