What you will find at our place

And what you should know before you arrive

We are a campsite by the waterside with open entry/access. In reality it means, that you can freely choose the place that perfectly suits your requirements.


This year, there will be several better equipped and dedicated spaces available directly for motorhomes or larger groups, most of them with the possibility of an electrical connection. The campsite includes a chemical toilet, sink and the ability to refill drinking water. Please note, that we do not have an in-ground grey water sink.

Our campsite can only accommodate a limited number of motorhomes and trailers, so it is advisable to consider booking well in advance.

Sanitary facilities

Apart from the public toilets the camp has its own facilities reserved only for accommodated guests. You can use separated toilets and showers.


At our campsite you can find twenty fireplaces of different sizes, where you can make fire in the evening, sing a song or roast sausages. Please do not establish any new fireplaces without the consent of the campsite management.

Night calm

Playing the guitar, harmonica and singing undoubtedly belong in a camp, but the roaring car radio and portable speakers don´t. Their uncontrolled use may even result in the termination of your stay without refund. In view of the location and atmosphere of the campsite, we therefore ask you to keep a reasonable night-time silence (22:00-8:00), after all, it is mainly families with children who come here.


You can order a plentiful breakfast at our camp, it is possible to buy breakfast the day before at the reception.

From Monday to Sunday we serve breakfast at our bistro between 8AM and 9AM.

Breakfast costs 140CZK and includes:

2x bread rolls, 2x sausages, 2x small butter, 1x pate, 1x cottage cheese, 1x jam, 1x sweet pastry, 1x warm beverage – tea or coffee, 1x glass of juice

Rental of boats and footbikes

Are you looking for fun program for the whole family? Then this is the right place for you! Right at the campsite you can rent footbikesand explore the beautiful surroundings of this region. Or visit the sunny place of Žlutá Plovárna, from where you can sail with canoes back to Dolánky. You can find further information at this website or at the webpage www.sundiskfamily.cz. You can book your rental in advance and everything will be prepared for you exactly on time.


We have manufactured several wooden climbing frames with swings, and there is also a small sandbox.


Part of the camp is BISTRO DOLÁNKY which offers some fast refreshment, bubble waffle, tapped beverages and beer, bottled beverages and small snacks.

Sale of pastry

During the weekends it is possible to buy bread and sweet pastry at our bistro. You have to order it a day before at the reception of the camp, until 11AM.

Reception, info center and souvenir shop

Right next to the bistro you will find our reception, where you can get all the necessary information for your accommodation and your trips in the area. You can also buy postcards, touristic stamps and small gifts there.

Enjoy the summer by the river

We are looking forward to see you at our campsite Dolánky.

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Opening hours



Reception, infocentre, scooters

January-March: closed

April: Fri/Sat/Sun 9-18h

May: Fri/Sat/Sun 9-18h

June: weekdays 9-18, Fri/Sat 9-21, Sun 9-18

July: weekdays 9-19, Fri/Sat 9-21, Sun 9-19

August: weekdays 9-19, Fri/Sat 9-21, Sun 9-19

September: daily 9-18

October: Mon-Fri closed, Sat/Sun 9-18

Nov/Dec: closed



January/February: closed

March: weekends 9-18

April: weekdays 11-17, Sat/Sun 9-18h
May: weekdays 12-18, Fri/Sat/Sun 9-18h

June: weekdays 9-18, Fri 9-22, Sat 8-22, Sun 8-18

July: weekdays 8-19, Fri/Sat 8-22, Sun 8-19

August: weekdays 8-19, Fri/Sat 8-22, Sun 8-19

September: weekdays 9-18, Fri/Sat 9-22, Sun 9-18

October: Mon-Thurs closed, Fri 11-17, Sat/Sun 9-18

Nov/Dec: closed



+420 775 580 388



Where to find us




Kemp Dolánky, Dolánky u Turnova
511 01 Turnov

responsible person: Tomáš Koudelka

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