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The Bohemian Paradise offers a wide choice of attractive places. This region is rich both in nature beauties and places of historic interest. There is just a short list of places which you can visit from camp Dolánky on foot.

Dlask’s farm – Located directly next to the camp. This typical example of vernacular architecture from 18th century is one of the few buildings that have remained in the area. Dlask’s farm is part of the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise and you can see there an ethnographic exposition. Every year, the markets and culture event (theatres, carving symposiums, feasts, etc.) are held there.

Hrubý Rohozec - You can reach the chateau on a limestone cliff above Jizera either via the main road to Turnov or the red nature trail going past former ponds. You can get from the trail straight to the quadrangle of the chateau.

Bartošova pec - This unique nature place of interest can be reached by the blue trail, going past Vazovecký creek and Bezednice (a karst spring), historic fish storage pond, former mill houses and old buildings. There is a new asphalt road in the valley and that’s why is this area plentifully visited by in-liners. From Bartošova pec, which is an embouchure of a big underground cave, flows a strong stream, which becomes on the surface the above mentioned Vazovecký creek. From this point, you can return back via the same trail, or continue up to Frýdštejn.

Castle Frýdštejn - A fairytale castle rising above the valley of Malá Skála. You can reach it from the camp via the blue trail (past Bartošova pec). From Frýdštejn you can go to Malá Skála, where runs a long descend on a new asphalt road. Then you can return to Dolánky on Greenway Jizera cycle path.

Greenway Jizera - A cycle path running through Dolánky, Rakousy, Malá Skála and Líšný was completed and opened in 2013. In spite of the initial scepticism has the path been very favoured especially by cyclists and roller-skaters. The cycle path connects in this area two splendid localities – Malá Skála and Dolánky u Turnova, both of which are plentifully visited by tourist and watermen. The aim of the path was to create a pleasant and undemanding route passing through the scenic valley of Jizera and continue in using the historical function of the river as a connecting line between villages and cities.

Hrad Valdštejn - the ruin of the castle is one of the dominants of this region. Valdštejn can be reached either via the road (cycle trail nr. 4078) or past the observation tower Hlavatice via the red trail.

Observation tower Hlavatice – A secluded rock on a hill above Turnov offers extraordinary views of the landscape. During a nice weather is possible to see the Giant Mountains, Černá Studnice, Ještěd Ridge, hill Ralsko or castle Bezděz. You can get to Hlavatice via the red trail going below the chateau Hrubý Rohozec and past the train station Turnov-město. On your way to the observation tower is possible to visit a newly opened pub Hlavatice and directly below the observation tower is a small buffet, where you can buy postcards and tourist stamps (nr. 1466).

Town Turnov - A town, which in addition to shopping offers also interesting culture events and historic sights. You can visit for example the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise or reconstructed Jewish synagogue, Granát gallery or a summer cinema in Skálova street.

Rock city Hrubá Skála – A very attractive area of sandstone rocks is very popular among the tourists, who can admire high rock towers, creep through narrow valleys or taste the famous local medical springs, which made Spa Sedmihorky famous and thanks to which is this area called the Bohemian Paradise.  You can get to the rock city via the green, read and afterward a yellow trail (the yellow one separates form the red trail on the crossroad of the trails “Pod Hlavaticí”).

Town Železný Brod - is famous especially thanks to the production of cut glass products, jewellery and textile. What is worth visiting is a local museum of glass and you can also see number of architecturally interesting houses. Fans of technology can admire a unique small hydro-electric power station or visit a nearby power plant in Spálov.

Klokočské skály and Rotštejn – Another very popular area of sandstone rocks is close to Turnov and you can get there from Dolánky via the blue and red trails. You can connect you visit of Klokočské skály with seeing cave Postojna and the ruin of the castle Rotštejn.  On your way back you can refresh yourself in a kiosk “U Klokočských průchodů” and then visit a lookout “Zdenčina skála”, from which is a wonderful view of the valley of Jizera.

Besedické skály and rock labyrinth Kalich – Chléviště – This rock area is very popular among the children, since the rock labyrinth Chléviště is ideal for tag and hide and seek games. When you leave the camp, take a blue and then green trail (past Zrcadlová Koza and Zbirohy) or at the crossroad “Betlémský mlýn” turn to the yellow trail, which will lead you directly to Besedice. In addition to seeing unique geological creations you can also enjoy views of the landscape and valley of Jizera from a numerous lookouts, which you will go past during your journey.

Zbirohy – A ruin of a small castle on a steep hillside above the river Jizera, which you will pass during your walk to the rock labyrinth. You can get to the ruin from the camp via the blue or green trail. Zbirohy has its own tourist stamp (Nr. 1961, which you can buy at the parking lot in Besedice. There are preserved remainders of the masonry of the square tower and cellars hewn to the rock.

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