GO-KART rental

Šlapací vozítka

The assortment of our services in Camp Dolánky is xpanding all the time, a new attraction of our rental are pedal cars and go karts Berg toys. The cars are far from being just for children, you can rent them and apart from trying them on a circuit in Dolánky, you can also set off on a cycle path to Loužek (or up to Malá Skála, if you are fit enough) or ride to Bartošova pec, where runs a smooth asphalt road.



Ceník zapůjčení:

Duration Pedal car
Ancillary seat
15 minutes 70 CZK 20 CZK
30 minutes 120 CZK 30 CZK
60 minutes 190 CZK 60 CZK
1/2 day 300 CZK 100 CZK
1 day 500 CZK 150 CZK

* Family discount: Rent two and more pedal cars for adults and you will get ancillary seats for free.


Opening hours:

October-April after previous reservation only.

Email: info@sundiskfamily.cz 


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